5 Reasons to Preplan

Peace of mind

When you prearrange your final wishes, you relieve the stress and burden for your family.  There is an average of 150 decisions for your family to make after you pass away.  These decisions, both small and large, can be very difficult to make when their minds are clouded with grief, stress and exhaustion.  When you put these decisions in writing, you are providing such an emotional and physical relief to your family.  This will allow them to focus on the more important things like sharing memories, photos and stories about your life lived.  Give them the peace of mind that you have handled all of these tough decisions ahead of time.  It will bring so much comfort to your family in the time of need.

Lock in the cost at today’s price

By prepaying for your final wishes, you are locking in the majority of the costs at today’s prices. Just like any other industry, the death care industry is not immune to inflation. The price of cremation or burial services is always increasing, but you can protect your family from these rising costs by paying ahead for your arrangements. This could save your family thousands of dollars in the end, which can be very helpful when there will most likely be other bills to pay after you pass away.

Affordable payment option – INTEREST FREE

It’s no secret that cremation and burial expenses are not inexpensive. When someone passes away, cremation providers or funeral homes will require payment in full before they provide the service the family has chosen. This can be an extreme hardship on many families to come up with a large amount of money in a short period of time. It can also cause many family disputes when the decision has to be made of who will pay for the services. When you prepay for your final arrangements, you are given the flexibility to pay over a certain amount of time. After your initial downpayment, you have locked in today’s costs for your services. You now have a certain amount of time to pay off the balance of your services instead of accumulating all of these costs at once, which is what your family would have to do if you passed away with nothing prepaid ahead of time.

Irrevocable option for your prepaid funds

In the state of Illinois, when you prepay for your cremation, funeral or burial expenses, you have the option to place these funds into an irrevocable trust with a third party bank or insurance company. The cremation center of funeral home will determine where these funds are placed, however, the important piece to note is that your funds are protected. What this means is that if you ever have to go on state aid while being a resident of a nursing home or independent/assisted living facility, the state can NOT access your prepaid funds for your final arrangements. These funds are not viewed as a personal asset and are guaranteed to be there at the time of your passing.

100% transferrable

One of the best aspects of prepaying for your final wishes, is that you own your preplan policy. Whether your provider uses a trust account at a bank or an insurance company, your prepaid funds/policy are totally transferrable to anywhere in the United States. If the provider you originally prepaid your final arrangements with closes its doors, you can rest assured that you can take your policy and funds to another provider. Also, if you relocate and choose a different provider in the new area you live in, you can simply transfer your contract/policy to them. This provides much peace of mind to know that no matter what, you will be able to use your prepaid funds for your services no matter where you decide to be.

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Losing somebody you love is one of the hardest moments of your life. When you add many decisions, both personal and financial, the pain only intensifies.  Planning is the key to creating the positive end-of-life experience your loved ones deserve.

The choices you make today will protect them from unnecessary financial and emotional stress, giving them a clear plan so that they can begin a healthy grieving process.

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